Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why the Great Sphinx is so important

OK the reason its so important is is because its the protector of the pyramids tea we already covered that so lets get to he new stuff. Also it symbolizes of the constellations Leo and Virgo. Also it symbolized how much power a pharaoh had cool huh? Get this the great sphinx was the symbol of Egypt yeah cause most people think of the sphinx when they hear Egypt i think that's very interesting.

The father of the Sphinx!

Yup you guessed it the sphinx had a father too ain't that cool. Actually the it doesn't have a father it had the head of the Pharaoh that ruled that land. Also it was modeled as the symbol of Egypt pretty cool huh? listen to this it was also a form of the sun god Ra is that cool or what?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Protecter of the pyramids

Yea I know that you never would have guessed that the Great Sphinx was the protecter of the pyramis. Even though even if you ignored it the sphinx wouldnt all of a sudden come to life and eat u it was a warning that stated if you pass you will be cursed wich is kind a cool yet creepy at the same time but most of the robbers didnt beleive in the curse wich was supid but brave in my opinion.

The Great Shinxes discovery

OK when the Great Sphinx was discovered It was when Europe was at the top. Yeah I know that was a long time ago but just think a statue that is 240ft long 66ft high, and 13ft 3in at its widest the thing cant be that hard to miss but guess what the Sphinx wasn't discovered until 1000 years after it was built. Also your thinking that how could something so big go unnoticed for such a long time but it was actually buried in sand. That must have taken a long time?